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In the world of Marketing we all know there are somethings that are essential to trigger a prospect to buy something. What possess a person to buy stems from emotion, we are emotional buyers. A person who is over weight will buy health products and workout programs to lose weight and get healthy.

Prospects are looking for a solution to fix there problems and we as Marketers need to understand there issues and be that solution. Marketers need to understand what there prospects want and understand their emotional connection.

95% of Prospects will say no to you and you are loosing 95% of potential income, you need to find a way to fix that if you want to make serious money online and build your Online Business. One way to keep your prospects is to positively build up their emotional state. People want to Acquire Pleasure and Avoid Pain. A good example of this is all the  “Get Rich Quick Scheme” oppurtunities that prospects fall a victim to. They buy into this oppurtunity that promises financial freedom but learn that the product hasn’t proven them any results. At first it looks pleasurable, it looks like this can be the solution to their problems but then it drastically turns sour causing them pain that they tried to avoid. YOU yes YOU need to show them what they can benefit from your products and not pitch a sale the first moment you meet.

Show them what they can gain from your product and not lose from it, show them the value, show them the status, show them the proof.

Build that relationship so your prospects can trust you and once you find that connection offer the benefits of how they can gain and not lose. Remember you are the Solution, so don’t be the problem.