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To build upon anything, a foundation or a base is the first thing you need to get started. Before you build a house you need to build the foundation. Before a shy guy talks to a smoking hot chick he needs to build confidence. To build Online Success is the same thing and you need to know the Fundamentals.

Fundamental #1- What do you want to Accomplish? Lets use this Fundamental as a Desire Factor that will help you stay focus and determined so you can keep your eye on the prize. Do you want to make your first $100 online? Do you want to make your first million within three months? You just simply want to ask yourself what do you want to accomplish in making money online.

Fundamental #2- Find your Niche and Target Audience- Find a product niche that has a massive market that has people are already spending money on.The larger the market in your niche the more volume of traffic will be distributed to your site, which means the more money you can make.

Fundamental #3- Promote, Promote, Promote- This is where you start to drive traffic to you. Promoting your product on the internet is one of the advantages you have over traditional marketing strategies. The internet is so huge you can promote your links everywhere. Promote on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Start a Blog on Blogger and WordPress. Advertise on free classifieds. Make a video and promote it on YouTube. Write Articles and submit them to Article Directories.Direct Visitors to your website. Word of Mouth and Drop Cards can be used offline. There are tons of ways to Promote and the more you promote the more money you can get.

Fundamental #4- Patience- Be patient and let your hard work take time to bring you back results.

With these fundamentals it is easy to remember and of course there are a lot more technical work but with these 4 Fundamentals in mind it is just one simple step to succeeding online. The competition is high but there is always room for new people to come into the online marketing world and take these fundamentals and put them into use.