Prospect Psychology- Understanding your Prospects Emotions


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In the world of Marketing we all know there are somethings that are essential to trigger a prospect to buy something. What possess a person to buy stems from emotion, we are emotional buyers. A person who is over weight will buy health products and workout programs to lose weight and get healthy.

Prospects are looking for a solution to fix there problems and we as Marketers need to understand there issues and be that solution. Marketers need to understand what there prospects want and understand their emotional connection.

95% of Prospects will say no to you and you are loosing 95% of potential income, you need to find a way to fix that if you want to make serious money online and build your Online Business. One way to keep your prospects is to positively build up their emotional state. People want to Acquire Pleasure and Avoid Pain. A good example of this is all the  “Get Rich Quick Scheme” oppurtunities that prospects fall a victim to. They buy into this oppurtunity that promises financial freedom but learn that the product hasn’t proven them any results. At first it looks pleasurable, it looks like this can be the solution to their problems but then it drastically turns sour causing them pain that they tried to avoid. YOU yes YOU need to show them what they can benefit from your products and not pitch a sale the first moment you meet.

Show them what they can gain from your product and not lose from it, show them the value, show them the status, show them the proof.

Build that relationship so your prospects can trust you and once you find that connection offer the benefits of how they can gain and not lose. Remember you are the Solution, so don’t be the problem.


Fundamentals to making Money Online


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To build upon anything, a foundation or a base is the first thing you need to get started. Before you build a house you need to build the foundation. Before a shy guy talks to a smoking hot chick he needs to build confidence. To build Online Success is the same thing and you need to know the Fundamentals.

Fundamental #1- What do you want to Accomplish? Lets use this Fundamental as a Desire Factor that will help you stay focus and determined so you can keep your eye on the prize. Do you want to make your first $100 online? Do you want to make your first million within three months? You just simply want to ask yourself what do you want to accomplish in making money online.

Fundamental #2- Find your Niche and Target Audience- Find a product niche that has a massive market that has people are already spending money on.The larger the market in your niche the more volume of traffic will be distributed to your site, which means the more money you can make.

Fundamental #3- Promote, Promote, Promote- This is where you start to drive traffic to you. Promoting your product on the internet is one of the advantages you have over traditional marketing strategies. The internet is so huge you can promote your links everywhere. Promote on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Start a Blog on Blogger and WordPress. Advertise on free classifieds. Make a video and promote it on YouTube. Write Articles and submit them to Article Directories.Direct Visitors to your website. Word of Mouth and Drop Cards can be used offline. There are tons of ways to Promote and the more you promote the more money you can get.

Fundamental #4- Patience- Be patient and let your hard work take time to bring you back results.

With these fundamentals it is easy to remember and of course there are a lot more technical work but with these 4 Fundamentals in mind it is just one simple step to succeeding online. The competition is high but there is always room for new people to come into the online marketing world and take these fundamentals and put them into use.


My 2012 Anthem “We Are Young”


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The “We Are Young” song is my ultimate Anthem Song for 2012. The song captures the moments of living life to its fullest and with no regrets. The mistakes we make in our lives are just a fraction of mistakes we will make in our life time but our youth should prevail on how life should be fun to some extent. We are young and we need to let loose every now and then because life can really be over worked, exhausting and stressed. Its a bucket list song,  Just live life to its fullest!

Here is the link to the video on YouTube:

There are many ways to view this song as with many other songs. The comments I have seen said it talked about a girl loosing her virginity or sex,drugs and alcohol. I don’t oppose to those comments but when I listen to this song I picture a whole different scenario.

I think this song will be overlooked from the whole aspects of sex, drugs and virginity. I think this song will be an Anthem for everybody to enjoy and celebrate life!


Experiencing Overwhelming Marketing?


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Welcoming your self to Online Marketing maybe a well thought out decision to make money online. You see that there are people out there making massive amounts of income claiming it is an easy task to do. So your natural instincts tell you ” Well if they can make that kind of money online, then I can make that kind of money online”. There are two outcomes to this situation that I believe everyone faces.

The first outcome is Jumping Straight In Blindly. The information you sought out to see is too good for you to resist, so you jump in on the program and notice no immediate results like it claimed to be. Frustrated with a zero account balance time after time again, you start prowling the internet for a way to make fast cash. The Internet has so much information that it overwhelms you, it has no limit to the information you are trying get. There is no one page blueprint to Marketing Online as a Beginner unless you put more money into another program that claims to be working with other people besides yourself.

The second outcome is Doing your Research but getting No Where. There are thousands of books and an unlimited search engine of information on the web, you don’t know where to start. You search one topic on online marketing and you get pages after pages of results that it overwhelms you. There is just too much information.

Experiencing overwhelming marketing is indeed frustrating and  mind boggling and leaves you feeling in no hope of redemption. I know because this is where I am. Honestly I am not a successful online marketer yet, but I am not giving up because I know there is a way to make a stream of income online. Nothing is impossible, there are answers everywhere but you just need to search for them correctly.

You want to know why you haven’t found concrete information about Online Marketing? Because you are not being Specific enough. The more specific you are with your searches the more results you will get that will answer your questions about the type of information you are trying to get. Also you need to keep updating yourself with information. Let your mind have time to incorporate this information before you amplify it.

Millionaire Mindset!



Close your eyes and think of where your life is now.

Is your life where you want it to be? Don’t you think you can achieve and deserve better?

What if you had a million dollars handed to you? Now, what do you think of your life with a million dollars?

I know money is not everything. Working paycheck to paycheck and struggling to meet ends meet is emotionally tough. The stress, the worries and the many sacrifices we make to just get by, is draining. The long hours at work, the low wages and the cost of living makes it to hard to ever dream of earning a Million Dollars.

But the truth is anyone can become a Millionaire, and it all starts with changing your mindset and taking action. If you want to be a millionaire, you need to dress like one, speak like one, think like one, act like one, play hard like one and work harder like one. You need to build that desire and you got to want it, Dream it, Live it and Become it. This is the Law of Attraction!

The Law of Attraction is simple to understand. Think of ourselves as human magnets, what we put out into the universe is what we get back. We control our actions and we attract those actions. Lets take an example, Henry wakes up 10 minutes late after his alarm clock goes off, he gets up angry at himself while getting ready. Henry doesn’t realize this but the Universe does, he is sending negative energy into the universe and we as magnets attract the same energy back to us. All Henry is thinking about is being late, which caused him to spill coffee on his shirt and now, really be late for work. Do you see how this works. We need to change our mindset and our actions if we want to become millionaires we need to act like one and the power of the Universe will use the Law of Attraction and with Desire, Faith and Hard work you will eventually see a positive outcome.

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Tips to Affiliate Marketing


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Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways a beginner can get their feet wet in the online marketing world, its one of the less cost-effective ways to market online. An Affiliate Marketers Job is to select a product or service from an online merchant and promote their affiliate link all over the internet. When a prospect finds that link and purchases it, you then earn a commission.

Sounds simple right? Well not necessarily, unless you know what you are doing!

I have gathered some useful Key Tips for Beginners to help them start their Online Marketing Journey. Here is 5 Key Tips to maximizing your earnings online.

Key Tip 1: Get to Know Your Target Audience. This is the same way a writer chooses which topic to share with his specific audience. As an affiliate you need to know what your readers want, and what value can you give to them that is different then what your competitors promote. You need to know why they are coming to your sites and you need to show them the products you are promoting will help them.

Key Tip 2: Build a Relationship First. You need to build a relationship with your prospects. Think of them as your long-term customers that you care about. This is important in Online Marketing, you need to know your product and give honest reviews. You do not want to sell a product that will not help your prospect. If your prospect is happy with your product, they will eventually be returning customers.

Key Tip 3: Create Strong Content. You will learn that there are many different ways to promote your affiliate link online. Websites, Blogs, E-Mail List are just a few of the ways to market your link. When you market with these types of sources you always want Strong and Honest Content that will pose a Value to your visitors. Strong Content doesn’t just make your sites resourceful, it makes it look professional and shows the readers you know what you’re talking about.

Key Tip 4: Update. Keeping up to date is important and is one of the main traits of a Super Affiliate. Update and test new products, review new trends, update your content. You always want to be on top of your game, find new ways to market because the web is changing drastically and if you are stuck in the old fashion way of doing things you will find yourself left behind.

Key Tip 5: Learn to be Patient. Becoming a successful marketer will not happen over night. It takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of effort to start seeing results. Do not rush your prospects into purchasing your products, be patient and wait it out.

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I’m on my way to Success to Wealth


Aloha everyone!

My name is Kim and I am 23 years old who is passionate and motivated about Online Marketing. What fascinated me so much about online marketing is there are people who are actually making money online and generating streams of income just by leveraging the Internet. Now I am no Super Affiliate or an Expert in Online Marketing, Honestly I am just starting my journey to my success to wealth. The main point to this blog is to share with everyone my journey and to hopefully give my followers a real opinion, a real failure story, a real success story. a real point of view through my eyes and through all this gain experience and knowledge to become a helpful Marketer to others.

This is the start of my Journey and I hope you find this blog helpful, if you do want to come along for the ride; follow me and leave a comment. I have a lot of work to do but I am willing to put in the effort, time, dedication, blood, sweat and tears to becoming a successful marketer!